Mike Heinz

Men- We did not get a chance this year to take Mike Heinz’s orange hat to the top of Mt Elbert. We will in 2014. More info will come out over the next year about the plans to do this and how you can be a part of it.  

Peak Challenge – with no peak

7/29/13 (submitted by a man on Peak Challenge and used with his permission) I’m back for the first full day since leaving ona four day trip into the mountains with a men’s group. The group intended to tent camp for several days with two primary objectives. One was to engage in spiritual growth through a […]

Peak Challenge – 14ers hiked over the years

Every year for the last seven years, hundreds of men have capped off the experience with a summit of a 14,000 foot peak. This is no easy task, even for those that are in great physical shape. On a Sunday morning in July for the past seven years in Colorado, God has blessed many men […]

Peak Challenge – From Dream to Reality

It started as a simple dream. Men—as a boy and a young man, my father took me hiking every summer in the Colorado Rockies. My parents, my sister and I would spend close to two months every summer hiking and camping all across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. The life lessons I learned during those […]