June 3rd Enews

June 3rd Enews

PC Logo Solid Web.jpgTransportation/Food: Based on your location, you will be in a Tribe of men from that location. For example, the Iowa and Minnesota guys are in a Tribe led by Bill Clark, Mike Martens and others. Colorado men will be in a Tribe led by John Harris and Brian Wanamaker. You will be contacted by your Tribe leader or leaders over the next week or so to see if you have transportation lined up, questions about food, camping, etc or any other need. Work with your car mates on that front and let us know if there are issues that we may need to address. Traveling out with other men is a priceless “windshield time” that cannot be duplicated. We will do this within any applicable COVID restrictions, expectations and preferences. 
Talk about food logistics with your car mates / camping mates. Cook in camp, go into town for food or sharing meals like the Des Moines men will be doing are all options. Let us know if you have questions.  On Wednesday night, our Des Moines men will host the annual all camp dinner at a minimal cost ($5-7). We will also have lunch at a spot near the trailhead on Friday afternoon as you all come down off the mountain. We will need guys to help lead the food effort on Friday afternoon. Please let us know if you can help!All other meals are on your own.

PC Logo Solid Web.jpg  SWAG :  Read the earlier emails. Some very cool things are coming!

PC Logo Solid Web.jpg  Training Plans/Mountains:  Keep working out.  Walk, run, climb, bike. Find someone to keep you accountable. You got this! We will be hiking Mt Sherman on our last day (Friday am) and that will be for all men. Even though some of you may not hike, we want you to be at the trailhead area where we set up so that everyone shares in the excitement of cheering men home as they come off the mountain. We will be working on the location of that area. As for our optional hike for men on Thursday, We are considering Huron Peak, Bierstadt/Evans and a few more. Stay tuned.

PC Logo Solid Web.jpgExcursions:  All of the excursion information is up on the website. There is information out there about the type of camp and hiking gear to consider bringing. For rentals like bikes,kayaks, etc it would be wise to act soon to secure it. Remember – all of these are at your own cost and we have negotiated discounts for some activities. Start planning now and make your reservations for these excursions!

PC Logo Solid Web.jpgWater and Satellite Phone:  There is no water in camp. In the past, we have had men bring their own. You still can if you want. This year, we will have Rocky Mountain Drinking Water provide water in large water barrels for all to use. Pretty awesome and thanks Brian Ray for helping to line that up! Phone service is all but non-existent at Camp Hale and is spotty all over the region. We will be renting a satellite phone that will be available at Camp Hale, on the hike and at other locations in case of an emergency. Again, kudos to Brian Ray for securing this.

PC Logo Solid Web.jpg Coffee:  We continue the tradition of providing morning coffee in camp! There is nothing better than a warm cup of java at 10,000 feet while you take in the fresh pine smell! Shout out to Jim Rehdin and his team for making this happen! If you want to help make coffee, donate money for some Leadville local coffee from City On A Hill or set up each morning, let us know.

PC Logo Solid Web.jpg Firewood:  We hope to continue the tradition of providing firewood for campfires at Camp Hale. Sourcing it has become a lot harder in this year of COVID. There are no fire restrictions yet, but we are monitoring the county website and hope we can avoid that. We may need to have a guy or two with a pickup go pick up some wood for us. If you can help, let Jim Rehdin or Dave Reddel know. Campfires at night under the incredible Colorado skies are special!

PC Logo Solid Web.jpg Group connection via GroupMe app:  There are many places where you will be able to use your phone and receive text messages. In order to keep everyone up to date on things while we are out there, we plan on using a phone app called GroupMe. We will be able to send text messages so that everyone knows schedules, any change in times for night events, any need for assistance and more. Stay tuned for this. Over the next week, you will get an invite to your phone number that you provided to us to connect with the Peak Challenge 2021 group on GroupMe.

PC Logo Solid Web.jpg Devotions:  We have created a series of four HERO devotions that you can use personally or together as a group, either before Peak Challenge or at Peak Challenge. The first devotion is attached to this email. Be in the Word, connect with other men and get yourself ready to experience God in the wilderness!

PC Logo Solid Web.jpg Prayer:  Keep praying for rain in Colorado. We need there to be sufficient moisture to avoid fire restrictions that could severely limit our use of campfires at night. Campfire time is one of the greatest joys at Peak Challenge. Pray for transformation at Peak Challenge. Men – your impact for the Kingdom is significant. What you do for others matters. Regardless of your past, it is a new day and a chance to live for Jesus like never before! 

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