Peak Challenge – From Dream to Reality

Peak Challenge – From Dream to Reality

It started as a simple dream.

Men—as a boy and a young man, my father took me hiking every summer in the Colorado Rockies. My parents, my sister and I would spend close to two months every summer hiking and camping all across Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. The life lessons I learned during those days is priceless and the mentoring and guidance that I received from my father is a legacy passed on. My heart was sent free in the Colorado Rockies. My father bestowed Biblical manhood on me and the mountains were the backdrop +++ Dave Reddel

Band of Brothers Network wanted to share that transformation of the heart and give other men the opportunity to experience that with other men and with their sons.

The Summer of 2006 was the first ever Peak Challenge. Twenty men braved the unknown and had a great experience in hiking Mt. Quandary and tackling whitewater rapids.

The Summer of 2007 was an amazing excursion to Leadville to conquer Mt Elbert, the highest peak in Colorado and the second highest peak in the continental US. Approximately 40 men and their sons made the trek.

The Summer of 2008 saw even more growth, as close to 75 men and their sons journeyed to Colorado to tame Torreys and Gray’s Peaks and grow spiritually in the Lord and bond with each other.

The Summer of 2009 was simply awesome, as we had 100 men and sons tackle four 14,000 foot peaks and have a powerful experience in walking closer with Jesus.

The Summer of 2010 saw more than 100 men and sons again! We had an amazing experience with the book “Primal” and men got to fish. go on ATV rides at 12,000 feet, whitewater raft and mountain bike. We scaled Mt Sherman and men on the optional hike summited Mt of the Holy Cross. Men from 10 different states and a dozen different churches were represented!

The Summer of 2011 saw almost 130 men from all over the country and two guys from China! It was a very special time this year, as we took a 14 year old young man with cerebral palsy to the top of Quandary Peak. Men also hike Mt Massive and rode the wild waters through the Royal Gorge. The Way of the Wild Heart was the book and guys really connected to it. We had an amazing adult baptism one night and the Holy Spirit’s presence was strong. More than 25 churches were represented and men from more than 17 different states were present.

 The Summer of 2012 saw amazing growth in numbers, as we have more than 200 registered and an actual number of 195 men that were present for the Great Adventure in the Leadville area. Men from more than 56 different churches, 18 different states and men from Canada and China were represented.  It was a phenomenal four days of physical challenge and spiritual challenge….. of relationship building and being built up by the Holy Spirit to be bold leaders for Jesus Christ.


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