Peak Challenge 2023

Printer Boy Campground - Leadville, Colorado - July 25-28, 2023

A Wilderness experience like no other!

The Peak Challenge Story

This is our 18th year. Over that course of time, more than 3,000 men and young men have had a wilderness experience of great impact. Read more about our story here.

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Excursions, Schedules and more!

There are many excursions you can tackle while at Peak Challenge. Some are free. Most will be on your own dime. All will be truly EPIC in the Collegiate Range! You can find a list of excursions, schedule, FAQs, links and more here

Preparing for Peak Challenge

The basic elements


Location: Printer Boy Group Campground is located four miles NW of downtown Leadville and within walking distance to Turquoise Lake.


Camping: Printer Boy Group Campground is tent camping only. It sits at approximately 9,700 feet above sea level. Be prepared for high 30s/low 40s at night and 60s/70s throughout the day, with rain showers in the afternoon. Sleeping bags, rain flys, lanterns, mats or cots, as well a good camp chair, are essential.


Hiking: Hiking at altitudes of 10,000 to 14,000 feet will require you to get in shape in order to best experience Peak Challenge. Start cardio training NOW if you are not already regularly exercising! We will have an optional hike on Thursday and the all group hike on Friday. Suggested gear would include comfortable hiking or running shoes, a good pair of quick drying non-cotton socks,  a hydration pack, sunglasses and sunscreen, a hat, rain gear for afternoon showers and trekking poles.


Food: Our experience is a Tuesday through Friday experience in 2023. We anticipate a Wednesday night group meal and a Friday lunch on your own following the hike. The other meals are on your own. Some cook in camp. Others go into Leadville to eat at one of many restaurants. There is a grocery store in Leadville for all supplies. You should work with the guys you are coming out with to plan what you will do for food.


Schedule: It will be a Tuesday through Friday experience again in 2023. Men will arrive on Tuesday afternoon and get set up. Tuesday night orientation will follow. Wednesday and Thursday are generally free to do excursions. Each night will involve a large group time and small group campfire time. Friday morning is the main hike and Friday afternoon is the Celebration Event. Men make their way home on Saturday. A detailed schedule will be shared with all registrants.


Transformation: God.Men.Mountains.Legacies.  God has shown us over the years that when men prepare themselves for an encounter with the Living God and open their hearts, minds and soul to experience Him in the mountains, He will bring about transformational change. Change that ripples through a man, his family, his work and his community. Make no mistake – this is not a vacation but rather a special time to see transformation in your life.

Peak Challenge 2023

2023 Registration

Peak Challenge 2023 registration is now officially CLOSED! Contact Peak Challenge on the Contact page if you want more information.

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