Enews – May 7th

Great news! Not only has the Eagle County Public Health Department approved our event, we just received word that the campground limitations have been lifted and the 200 men max capacity has been reinstated. LET’S ROLL! On to┬ásome important updates: Transportation/Food: Next week, we will put out a list of men from each locale (Nebraska, Iowa, […]

Enews – April 12th

April 12, 2021Men – Hero worship in our western culture extends into every part of our lives. You may have sports heroes whom you love to follow and be inspired by. You may have heroes within your profession or line of work that have helped shape and mold your career. As a student, you may […]

Enews – April 27th

April 27, 2021Men – Good morning men! Good news! We have been working with the Eagle County Public Health Department concerning the COVID-19 restrictions and limitations that they have in place concerning everything from business locations to campgrounds within the county. The East Fork Camp Hale Group Campground had severe limitations on use for quite […]