Next Steps

Next Steps

How do I connect and where do I begin?

RALE is a normal term that we use in conversations with Band of Brother men.

Reject Passivity.
Accept Responsibility
Lead courageously.
Expect God’s greater rewards.

Many of you may be connected to a church at home. You may be a regular attender and may even serve in some way at the church. Maybe you are part of the men’s ministry there.Maybe your church has no outlet for men.

For others, church is a new concept or a revisited one.Peak Challenge may have been that initial step to explore a bit further and test the claims of Jesus.

Whatever your story – know this: there are men like the ones that you met at Peak Challenge that have the same heart as yours. A heart to be set free, to live for more than just yourself, to lead a life of impact and meaning.

God is calling all of us to RALE and RISK.

As you resume your rhythms of life in your locales following Peak Challenge, take seriously the message of RISK. Take seriously the message of Dan Weber who gave you all a “green light” to dream about Kingdom building.

Go do it.

It is more than just a men’s ministry.

Band of Brothers has a network of men across the country that are connected with a common cause of raising up and discipling men who can disciple others. Men in Omaha, Kansas City, Des Moines, Houston, and Phoenix, as well as small towns like Onawa and Norfolk.

Just start. Begin to look around and pull men together that share your passion.

Here are some basic things to think about when doing that – NEXT STEP GUIDE

Call us, email us or talk to us in person and we will do our best to guide you.

Take the next step.


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