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May 16, 2024 Enews

Welcome to Peak Challenge! So excited to see some familiar faces and also a lot of first timers that will experience Peak Challenge. More to come, but here are some basic things to think about, plan for and pray through as we approach late July. Transportation/Food: Based on your location, you will be in a Tribe […]

May 20th Enews

Registration will soon be closing. If you have friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers that are interested, encourage them to act quickly. Once registration is closed, we will not have any flexibility in ensuring that they will get a hoodie. June 1st is the hard deadline!If you want to see our previous Enews blasts:April 12th, go to this […]

Enews – May 7th

Great news! Not only has the Eagle County Public Health Department approved our event, we just received word that the campground limitations have been lifted and the 200 men max capacity has been reinstated. LET’S ROLL! On to some important updates: Transportation/Food: Next week, we will put out a list of men from each locale (Nebraska, Iowa, […]

Enews – April 12th

April 12, 2021Men – Hero worship in our western culture extends into every part of our lives. You may have sports heroes whom you love to follow and be inspired by. You may have heroes within your profession or line of work that have helped shape and mold your career. As a student, you may […]

Enews – April 27th

April 27, 2021Men – Good morning men! Good news! We have been working with the Eagle County Public Health Department concerning the COVID-19 restrictions and limitations that they have in place concerning everything from business locations to campgrounds within the county. The East Fork Camp Hale Group Campground had severe limitations on use for quite […]

Seeding into a legacy

Seeding into a legacy Trevor Otto gave you all at Peak Challenge a snipet of his testimony. God is calling Trevor and his family to Malawi, Africa in November. God’s fingerprints are all over this journey and we are excited to see what he does with the Otto family. As Trevor noted, there really is no […]

Next Steps

How do I connect and where do I begin? RALE is a normal term that we use in conversations with Band of Brother men. Reject Passivity. Accept Responsibility Lead courageously. Expect God’s greater rewards. Many of you may be connected to a church at home. You may be a regular attender and may even serve […]

Green Means Go

Green Means Go In 1910, an Englishman named Arnold Bennett wrote a little book on time-management.  But his eloquent words apply powerfully to Kingdom Building today.  On Saturday night, I asked you to imagine having a green light from your pastor.  If you could make a difference for the Kingdom in your community, what would you […]

Mike Heinz

Men- We did not get a chance this year to take Mike Heinz’s orange hat to the top of Mt Elbert. We will in 2014. More info will come out over the next year about the plans to do this and how you can be a part of it.  

Peak Challenge – with no peak

7/29/13 (submitted by a man on Peak Challenge and used with his permission) I’m back for the first full day since leaving ona four day trip into the mountains with a men’s group. The group intended to tent camp for several days with two primary objectives. One was to engage in spiritual growth through a […]