Enews – April 27th

Enews – April 27th

April 27, 2021
Men –

Good morning men!

Good news! We have been working with the Eagle County Public Health Department concerning the COVID-19 restrictions and limitations that they have in place concerning everything from business locations to campgrounds within the county. The East Fork Camp Hale Group Campground had severe limitations on use for quite some time. An April 16th Order appeared to loosen some restrictions and provided an application process to seek approval of events of more than 25 people. After several email and phone conversations with their office, and thanks to your prayers, an application was submitted. Yesterday, the application was approved for 175 men! Praise God! That could and will likely change to the 200 max capacity as we get closer to the date.

We are now working with theEagle/Holy Cross Ranger District of the US Forest Service who owns the campground. We hope that there are little or no further requirements from them in our use of the campground. They contract out to a third party to “manage” the site – essentially just a cleaning of the pit toilets once every few days. Pray that we can get over any other hurdles and have a green light for using the location!

You can see our April 12th Enews Edition on our website by clicking this link.
Here are some quick updates and information:

PC Logo Solid Web.jpgTransportation/Food: By the middle of May, we will put out a list of men from each locale (Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado, etc.) for purposes of ride sharing out to Camp Hale and back. Traveling out with other men is a priceless “windshield time” that cannot be duplicated. We will do this within any applicable COVID restrictions, expectations and preferences. Stay tuned for that list and begin thinking about your travel logistics. As far as food goes, you can work with your group that you come out with to decide whether you cook in camp or go into town for food. On Wednesday night, our Des Moines men will host the annual all camp dinner at a minimal cost. We will also have lunch at a spot near the trailhead on Friday afternoon as you all come down off the mountain.
PC Logo Solid Web.jpg  Training Plans/Mountains:  Discipline and consistency. Two key words. Just start. Do not try to eat the elephant in one bite! Walk, run, climb, bike. Find someone to keep you accountable. You got this! We will be hiking Mt Sherman on our last day (Friday am) and that will be for all men. Even though some of you may not hike, we want you to be at the trailhead area where we set up so that everyone shares in the excitement of cheering men home as they come off the mountain. No man left behind. As for our optional hike for men on Thursday, We are considering Huron Peak, Bierstadt/Evans and a few more. Stay tuned.

PC Logo Solid Web.jpgExcursions:  Whitewater information is up on the website. We have some men pulling data for other excursions and we hope to have that info on the website soon. Things like whitewater rafting, ATV riding, Jeep trails, gun range, mountain biking, fly fishing and more. All of these are at your own cost and we have negotiated discounts for some activities. 

PC Logo Solid Web.jpgCOVID planning: It is possible that all restrictions may be gone by the time of our experience. Regardless, we are planning as best as we can to make this year’s event happen within the various requirements set out by various governmental agencies. One big factor will be having high numbers of vaccinated men. That will be very helpful in dealing with local public health officials. We will have a COVID plan in place for the campground as needed and will work with local officials to ensure compliance. We will provide regular updates.

PC Logo Solid Web.jpg Prayer:  Pray for more and more young men to come to Peak Challenge. If you are a dad, a grandfather or a mentor to a young man 13 years or above, or you know men that fit this description, encourage them to come and bring that young man. Pray for the 22 men from Open Door Mission that will be selected by their leadership to come to Peak Challenge. It has been our honor for the past 6 years to bring them out for free so that they can be a part of a transformational experience. Finally, pray for a boldness from Jesus to get/keep you in the Word, to find ways to serve others and be willing to share the hope you have with others.

The Peak Challenge Team

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