Peak Challenge – Costs

Peak Challenge – Costs

Below are the registration fees and estimated costs for this five day/ four night experience against the backdrop of some of the most scenic wilderness in the US. We try to keep costs as inexpensive as possible, as we want as many men and young men to experience this amazing adventure in the Rockies:

Registration Fee – $50 

The registration fee covers your campground fees and all materials that will be shared with you via email and out at Peak Challenge. Included with the registration will be a free Peak Challenge dri-fit performance shirt, a Peak Challenge carbiner,  coffee from Leadville’s own City on A Hill each morning, lunch at the trailhead on Sunday afternoon as well other things as announced. The registration fee is non-refundable after May 31, 2014. The registration fee becomes $60 after May 31, 2014.

Transportation costs:

Depending upon where you will be coming from and whom you will be riding with, your shared costs of driving out to Colorado and back will vary. However, assuming gas will be $3.50/gallon this July and you have at least 4 guys in your car or SUV to split the gas costs, you can be prepared to spend $70/90 per person from the Omaha or Kansas City area. Those costs will be a bit higher if you are flying into Denver International or are coming from distances farther than Omaha or Kansas City.

Food costs:

These costs can vary greatly, as we have guys that share the food costs in the vehicle that they are traveling out with and can get away with less than $40 per guy. If you choose to not eat in camp every day but rather visit the local restaurants in Leadville and Buena Vista, you may spend $50-100.

Excursion costs:

Costs for things such as whitewater rafting, ATV riding, kayaking and more can range greatly. Generally speaking, a 1/2 day whitewater trip will run $70. ATV riding can run $90 or more for several hours. Mountain bike rental can run $35 a day.


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