Peak Challenge – Leadville

Peak Challenge – Leadville

Peak Challenge 2013 – “RISK” – will take place two miles outside of the historic mining town of Leadville, Colorado.

 We are excited to be in Lake County again amidst some of the most spectacular scenery in America! Leadville and Buena Vista are the gateways to outstanding whitewater rafting, blue ribbon fishing, hundreds of miles of challenging mountain bike trails and more.

Leadville sits at a little more than 10,150 feet, making it THE highest city in America. There is no better time to be in Leadville than in the summer time. It is home to many famous endurance events, with the Leadville 100 being the most famous. Lance Armstrong has ridden the event many times. Sunny and mild days… cool and pristine nights.. and more adventure than you can sink your teeth into!

Visit these sites to get a better perspective on Leadville, Buena Vista and the rest of Lake County, Colorado.

We will be staying in the Printer Boy Group Campground just 2 miles west of Leadville.


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