Peak Challenge 2012 – The Great Adventure

Peak Challenge 2012 – The Great Adventure

Many men often miss the spirit of adventure in their lives. Others may lose it as they move along in life’s journey. We all had it as young boys, but it seems to wane as we grow older.

It does not have to be that way.

Men need ongoing adventure in their lives to keep their heart alive and free. If we do not, we often see men leading lives of “quiet desperation”. Men who seek adventure in the Kingdom of God live differently than others who blindly plod though life, chasing the false security of money, title, position and power.

Men need permission to take a chance. Peak Challenge 2012 is giving you that permission.

You will have many opportunities to think deeply about who you are and WHOSE you are. You will have the privilege of interacting with many men who are on the same journey as you and can help you understand your unique design and chart a course for your future as a man of God.

Young men will get a jump start on the adventure that awaits them in their early years as men. Older men will be able to “re-tool” for the next chapters in their lives and focus on leaving a legacy.

Peak Challenge 2012 will be a Great Adventure in terms of men tackling physical challenges like hiking, whitewater rafting and mountain biking. But more importantly, it will help set or reset the spiritual compass in your life to boldly live for Jesus Christ and lead others along that path.

The Great Adventure awaits.



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