Peak Challenge – Holy Smokers

Peak Challenge – Holy Smokers

Peak Challenge encompasses a lot of amazing things – 14,000 foot snow capped peaks, raging whitewater rapids, challenging single track mountain bike trails…. and FOOD. Some of the food cooked and consumed at Peak Challenge over the past eight years has become legendary.

Game on.




Peak Challenge 2013 – We bring back the Holy Smoker and its crew. This little baby can put out a lot of delicious meat for hungry hikers! Imagine that propane tank that sits outside the farmhouse. Now imagine that tank converted into a cooker on a boat trailer. Open your eyes – you do not have to imagine it – it is the Holy Smoker!

This gem will be making the rounds in the Midwest to various BBQ contests and will be with us from July 25-29, 2013 in Leadville. Not only are these guys creative in the design of the Holy Smoker, their smoked meat is simply OFF THE HOOK! These Band of Brothers men from Omaha will be there to help feed the masses at Peak Challenge. Bring your appetite!



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