A Lantern In The Night – 2011

A Lantern In The Night – 2011

A Lantern in the Night

Peak Challenge 2011 was a transformational experience. Not only for the physical adventure that they faced, but also for the spiritual challenge that they took on and which the Holy Spirit moved mightily. More than 120 men summited Quandary Peak, a 14,000 foot peak in Colorado. 34 of those men decided to tackle another 14er the day before and got to the summit of Mt Massive, over 14,400 feet high. From the crazy whitewater rafting down the Royal Gorge to the amazing mountain biking trails near Breckenridge, men had the time of their lives, got to connect with other Christian men and most importantly were challenged to lead boldly, reject passivity and advance the Kingdom in their circles of influence.

But one of the most special moments of Peak Challenge happened in an outdoor pavilion at the campsite under a simple camping lantern. It was a clear dark night on Saturday night, July 23, 2011.

The Kingdom gained a soul that night.

A young man and his uncle were in the group that was part of Peak Challenge. On Friday and Saturday, Peak Challenge leaders led teaching sessions that powerfully spoke about the stages of Biblical Manhood. Moving from boyhood to Cowboy to Warrior…. and with wisdom and experience moving on to Lover and King and Sage. Those words of truth – the truth of the Word – spoke powerfully to this young man. God was working on his heart, just as his uncle had been for quite some time.

The night had come…. under a lantern in an outdoor pavilion.

He spoke to Pastor Burt and after a long and amazing time of tears and discussion, he told Pastor Burt that he wanted to be baptized. He was ready to receive Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Under a simple lantern in the night.

Would you be okay if we did this in front of the 120+ men at Peak Challenge?

Yes, he noted.

Would it be okay if we used some bottled water?

Yes, he replied.

As darkness closed in that night, a darkness punctuated with millions of stars in the sky, there shone a single lantern in an outdoor pavilion. But there was more than just a lantern light on that night. For you see, the light of the world, Jesus Christ, was there and would soon be received into the heart of this young man. As Pastor Burt baptized this young man that night, the presence of the Holy Spirit was profound. Many a tear was shed, for a new soul had been added to the Kingdom.

A simple lantern in the night. The God of the universe on display that night. Men transformed. A life saved.

All glory be to God!


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