A Lantern In The Night – 2011

A Lantern in the Night Peak Challenge 2011 was a transformational experience. Not only for the physical adventure that they faced, but also for the spiritual challenge that they took on and which the Holy Spirit moved mightily. More than 120 men summited Quandary Peak, a 14,000 foot peak in Colorado. 34 of those men […]

The Bridge – 2008

The Bridge. The men that went on Peak Challenge 2008 will never forget it. It is etched into our souls what God did there for so many men as they made their way back to the trailhead after summiting two 14,000 foot peaks – Torreys Peak and Grays Peak. 6:00 am – We finally arrive […]

Primal – 2010

  The young men often times end up teaching us older men. That happened on Peak Challenge 2010. One of the guys from the Omaha area has a huge heart for the Burundian refugee community in Omaha. This war ravaged country in Africa (near Sudan) saw its people scattered over the last 15 years. Many […]

Lost and Found – 2009

I carry with me a pocket Bible. One that fits perfectly into my jeans …. knowing that I can reach for it throughout the day. The Message New Testament pocket bible. It was pretty beat up, as I had marked in it, sat on it and folded the edges on it many times. But it […]

Wild Goose Chase – 2009

It was a glorious morning … a Sunday morning filled with excitement and adrenaline. Almost 100 men were preparing their packs, getting their water supply firmed up, making those last minute adjustments to their hiking boots. It was time to hike four 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado – Mt. Democrat, Lincoln. Cameron and Bross. We […]