Here are some basic Frequently Asked Questions about Peak Challenge 2019 – July 25-29, 2018 in Camp Hale near Leadville, Colorado:

Peak Challenge is a wilderness experience for men and young men ages 13 years and older. Peak Challenge is designed for men only because it is so very critical that men see Biblical masculinity in action, understand the roles that God has given to them and be free in an environment to be men. As many men that have attended can attest to, a man’s family (wife children and others) are greatly impacted by what he takes away from Peak Challenge. This is a legacy ministry – not just a ministry for men.

Q: Is this just for King of Kings Church men or just for Lutheran men?A: No and No. Peak Challenge started with Band of Brothers more than nine years ago and Band of Brothers originates out of King of Kings Church in Omaha. However, the purpose and mission of the experience has always been to invite men from all walks of life to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ, to engage in physical and spiritual challenges together in the mountains of Colorado and to train and mentor men to take hold of the calling God has for his life and the legacy that he leaves in his family, his church, his workplace and his neighborhood. All men ages 13 and up are invited who desire to get their heart back. Invite your friends, neighbors, brothers, sons and others. We had men from more than 15 states and more than 65 churches across the country join us last year alone. It is a great place to bring your friend that does not know Jesus. But make no mistake that we will speak directly and boldly about Jesus Christ at Peak Challenge and the transformation of the heart that awaits you.

Q: We are in an economy that has had some downturn lately and I do not have much have money – can I still come?  A: Many men have been affected by the economic downturn in the United States. The economy has had its struggles. Sounds bad – right? NO. Many more men have been affected by a lack of guidance, mentorship and leadership in challenging them to be a discipled man of God.They have lost their heart – the Father’s heart. We intentionally make this wilderness experience VERY AFFORDABLE because we want as many men as possible to take part in it. We do not stay in fancy resort accommodations. We do not eat fancy resort food. What we do is simply take the most scenic spot on Lake Dillon, pitch our tents for a few days, cook amazing meals on site or go into town and eat and live life in a raw and unspoiled manner. The registration fee is only $75.  It also covers your campground fees, book, other written materials and whatever else like shirts, hats or other stuff that we hand out! Beyond that, expect to spend $40-80 for gas in traveling out and back from Colorado (gas should be cheap this summer) in a vehicle with other men and for food and other things while at Peak Challenge. $200 for a transformational 5 day experience is the best money that you will ever spend!


Q: It sounds great, but I do not know anyone and hesitate to sign up – should I sign up?A: We challenge you to take that first step. RISK IT. You will not regret it. Sign up! We have had dozens and dozens of men come without knowing anyone and leave with 150+ new friends! We will work with you, depending on your location, to connect you with other men that you can travel out to Colorado with. Those men may be strangers initially, but we strongly believe that by the time the experience is over, you will have made strong ties with other men for a lifetime. We have had many men that came, not knowing anyone, and now will not miss Peak Challenge.

Q: Mountain climbing sounds really hard and dangerous and I am not sure if I can do it – can I still come if I do not climb?A: Peak Challenge does not involve “climbing” in the technical sense of mountaineering language. The 14,000 foot peaks that we hike are all done on well defined trails from start to finish. There are no rope belays, no hanging from cliffs on your fingertips, no 70 degree angles (unles you want that!) Every year, men as young as 13 and as old as their mid 70s have hiked these trails with us and have reached the summits. We do offer rock climbing day trips that allow you to free climb and rappel if you want.Hiking is not required. If you do not want to hike, we still strongly encourage you to come to Peak Challenge, as the experience is about far more than simply hiking a mountain.

Q: I have not exercised in months – should I train for Peak Challenge?A: If you have not exercised in months, it is time to get into a regular rountine just for the sake of your health… let alone for Peak Challenge! Hiking 14,000 foot peaks is a physically challenging activity. In order to have a good experience doing it, you should begin training for it. Get into a regular routine that will help you build up your cardio vascular endurance. Eat in healthy ways if you are not already doing so. Find a buddy to go to Peak Challenge with you and train together or keep each other accountable. Contact us for more information on training if you need it.

Q: I have a camper that is great for this – can I bring it?A: No. The campground where we have our “basecamp” will be located at does not have accommodations for campers. In addition, we want all guys to tent and to experience a more authentic outdoor arrangement. Having that same experience shows unity and builds camaraderie and teamwork. There is nothing like enjoying the star lit skies of Colorado from a tent!

Q: I do not want to drive and I do not live in Omaha, Des Moines, Kansas City, Houston, Chicago or some other place in the Midwest – how can I come to Peak Challenge? No problem if you do not want to drive. We will have plenty of drivers from all over the Midwest that will be driving. We can help you get placed into one of those vehicles, regardless of where you are coming from. Once you register and we are able to see where you are from, we can work with you on getting a ride lined up. The easiest way is for you to find a buddy that can drive and get a ride with him! We also have guys fly into Denver International Airport and we get them connected with other men to ride up to the mountains. Contact us for more information. 

Q: What 14ers have you hiked? A: Since Peak Challenge started in 2006, we have hiked, on all group day hikes or optional day hikes, the following 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado: Grays Peak, Torreys Peak, Mt Evans, Mt Bierstadt, Quandary Peak (twice), Mt Lincoln, Mt Bross, Mt Cameron, Mt Democrat, Mt Sherman, Mt Elbert, Mt Massive, Mt of the Holy Cross, Mt Belford, Mt Oxford, La Plata Peak, Huron Peak, Missouri Mountain. Mt Princeton and Mt. Yale. Men as young as 13 and as old as 72 regularly summit.

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