“This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Coming from a very limited religious background and up-bringing, and seeing how the Men at Peak Challenge treat each other as brothers. It is a bonding I am looking forward to building with them!!! What a great experience to really build my own character as well as my relationship with my brothers all in the name of building a stronger Kingdom! A good foundation to build off of with my son.”


“I accepted the challenge for the first time in 2012 along with my 21 year old son. It was the best father/son experience that we have had together to date. My oldest son and my brother in law and his son from Texas are going to join us this year, and I am looking forward to how God will work in all of our lives through this incredible adventure. It is hard to put into words how spiritually life impacting this event can be in the lives of men. If you are on the fence and not sure, take the RISK and accept the challenge.”


“This will be my 6th year at this event. Physically, Peak Challenge gives me a great goal to gear my workouts towards. Mentally, Peak Challenge is a welcome respite from the daily grind. Spiritually, Peak Challenge gives me a opportunity to grow in my walk with Christ right along side some great, great friends. I HIGHLY recommend this adventure!”



“Peak Challenge 2012 was my first year to attend the Peak Challenge Event. One word – WOW. This is a must event for men seeking to get back to their essence and closer to God. The Peak Challenge is truly what it says it is a “PEAK” Challenge. I live in Utah at the base of the Rocky Mountains at an altitude of 6,000 ft – The 14,000 ft summit at the 2012 Peak Challenge was one of the most, if not the most, physically challenging things that I have yet to accomplish in my life. When I arrived at the top I was greated by a host of incredible men, a bagpipe and tears in my eyes. The nightly gatherings of men to study, ponder, stretch and grow together spiritually was amazing. I am looking forward to Peak Challenge 2013! Thanks DAVE R for the Invite! And you can use my boots anytime!”



 “Being able to go and spend time with your son bonding is unbelievable. To see my son hike up the mountain on Sunday and on his way down see Alex and the group going up and for him to help them the rest of the way up and back down made me very proud as a dad. The white water rafting in the Royal Gorge was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time!”


“Thanks to all the leaders, speakers, organizers for allowing God to use them to make an eternal change in the lives of the men.”


“I had an amazing time with my three twenty something sons. They are all at different stages in their spiritul journey. WE had some great discussions about beliefs and about what it means to be  Christian man. My 22 year old made a great observation: “Thes guys are all just regular guys”. I’m not sure what he was expecting, but, I think some walls were broken down. I’m greatful for the example the Band of Brothers set for my sons. I hope I can get all three of them to attend again next year. “


“I am deeply touched by this act of love and sacrifice in Christ. Planning to summit Quandary soon, I shall count my steps along the trail remembering the amzing scenes I saw in this trip report, and the good spirit God is working in all the brothers involved as well as in bystanders and readers.”

“My wife and I were truly blessed to have witnessed this awesome event. You guys truly are inspirational. Seeing the mass of people stand and applaud as you summited was AWESOME!! Job well done, good and faithful servants…”


“For me, this was such a meaningful event.  The encouragement other men gave was great.  The climb was especially meaningful to me.  I had to make it to the top.  It was to answer the question, “Do you have what it takes?”  And to see Alex being carried up the mountain reminded me that sometimes I need to let other men help carry me part of the way.  In turn, I will help carry other men part of the way. When I arrived at the top I was really moved emotionally.  I worked so hard to get there and then to see the beauty of God’s creation displayed in such grandeur brought tears.  To think that He created all this!  And I get to be a small part of it.  Then I talked to my wife on the cell phone and that made it even more meaningful.  At that point I could hardly talk. Then the arrival back at the bottom to the cheers of other men gave such acceptance and affirmation!  The adventures were truly bringing out the cowboy for me.  This is very special because I did not experience the cowboy stage enough when growing up.  With my son there, I experienced the king stage, and there was also an opportunity where I was a sage for another young man.  Truly this Peak Challenge was bringing out manhood in many ways. And the baptism was so special also!  Isn’t God amazing!  The messages in the evening were drawing men to Him.”


“Words cannot express how awesome this is. It is not about the work we did, nor the way people responded. The incredible, speech-taking part was the hope instilled in so many. Some were moved to tears, others received new hope in humanity, while others still wanted to know what God would be so inspiring that we would do this. Most of all, the hope and joy instilled in Alex. His smile could have been seen for miles. 

In sharing this w/ you, I know it is nothing compared to the experience. Yet, I hope you see the second part. This is a story of unity, of fellowship, of selflessness, of perseverance, and most of all, of hope. When we as the church decide to rise up, come together, and love, we can do incredible things. Things that change hearts, change lives, and change the world. We can move mountains (or scale them) when we gather together in the name of Jesus and His love. So I pray you are inspired by this to go and love, beyond your means, that the world may be filled w/ the sound of hope and praise rising up.”


“Peak Challenge was truly an amazing experience. Thank you!”


” tears are dripping onto my keyboard right now as I see the pictures of Alex and hear even more of the story! all I can see in my mind’s eye -is Our Father beaming with pride over His sons – banded together as brothers! well done, well done!”


“When arriving exhausted at the top I was overcome with emotion of viewing God’s incredible creation and how I, who am such a small part of it, got to see and experience the beauty of it.”


“Peak Challenge has become one of those rare “never miss it” events on my annual planning calendar.  Regrettably, I had to miss 1 out of the last 5  due to a family commitment, but the quality time spent with other brothers in Christ during the road trip, around the campfire, on the hikes and excursions is something immeasurable.  Most men have this innate draw to nature that comes alive on Peak Challenge, and the experience fuels a fire to bond with other men who want to be better husbands, fathers, sons, and leaders who are enriched by this Godly and manly experience.”


“Amazing experience. This has been happening for 5 years now and the challenge,transformation and brotherhood that results is all about God’s work. Hundreds have hiked, biked, whitewater rafted and fished their way through Peak Challenge. More importantly, hundreds have found the calling of their heart and heard God’s whisper in their souls – transforming them and their families.”


“My experience is that it is a simple way to get to know four other brothers in Christ. The fellowship going out is good, the fellowship going back is even better because of the stories. You don’t even have to climb to really enjoy the trip, which is low cost and high entertainment and growth in Christ.”


“It’s an adventure that made the beginning of Brandon Heath’s song Your Love a genuine experience, not just lyrics…”

I felt it first when I was younger
  A strange connection to the light
            I tried to satisfy the hunger
           I never got it right
           I never got it right        

        So I climbed a mountain and l built an altar
         Looked out as far as I could see
        And everyday I’m getting older
        I’m running outta dreams
       I’m running outta dreams


 Peak Challenge allowed me and my brother to spend time together that we never have anymore living in different states. It was priceless to climb the mountain with him and pray to the Lord at the summit together. We plan on being there this year and bringing more friends who can be exposed to a solid men’s event that helps them become the men God wants them to be.”



“Peak Challenge is not really about hiking… it is not really about “conquering” a mountain.. it is so much more than that. The stories of transformation, the life long connections that lead to the advancement of the Kingdom… the change in trajectory of men who go back to their locales to serve the King… it is beyond us and all in the grasp of of God. It challenges men not to “settle” but to let it all hang out for our King!”


“No excuses for not going. I had some excuses for the first couple of years. Then I went. Wow… cannot believe I missed their first two years! Regardless of age… whether you are 82 or 12, your heart and your soul need this… and God needs you!”


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