Rock Climbing

Ready to tackle the rock and have an experience of a lifetime? Looking up at a rock face and then conquering it using only your hands and feet is very gratifying. There is also so much that can be compared between climbing and our everyday life and walk with God. Join Adam Guyer as he leads groups out rock climbing right at Camp Hale both Friday and Saturday.

No experience is needed. Adam has been climbing for over 20 years and introducing others to the sport over the last 15 years. Adam has all the necessary equipment for you to come and have an awesome safe time.

Safety concerns. Don’t sweat it. Rock climbing will be one of the safest excursions during Peak Challenge. The most dangerous part of climbing is just hiking up to the rock. While you climb, you will be in a harness attached to a rope wearing a helmet. If you fall, you just hang there.

Equipment needed. a good pair of shoes. Rock climbing shoes are the best option but good athletic shoes that fit well and can be tightened work fine. Other than that, wear comfortable clothes you can move and be active in. A personal note, gym shorts are not the greatest while wearing a harness but will work.

Warning. We will be out in the sun so make sure to wear sunscreen. If you have light weight gear to help block the sun, like a neck gaiter, it is helpful. Also, make sure to bring your own food and water.

Cost is FREE! While Adam is super excited to share his passion and love of climbing with others, he is using his personal gear. Just like pitching in on gas for the carpool trip out to Peak Challenge helps the vehicle owner maintain his ride, climbing gear has to be maintained as well. If you come climbing and have an awesome time, pray and ask God for how you can bless Adam for the experience.

Sign up by emailing Adam at: (We are going to try limiting each day group to 10 people)

For any further questions about climbing, feel free to reach out to Adam as well


P.S. To fellow climbers coming to Peak Challenge 2019, please consider bringing gear to help those who don’t. It would also be great to have extra help belaying and setting/cleaning up the routes.